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Walnuts – features, health benefits

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Everyone heard about the amazing usefulness of this type of nuts. One only has to pay attention to the appearance of the core, 2as its absolute uniqueness is realized. Its shape resembles the human brain, therefore, people talk about it as about a good tool for activation of brain activity.

In the composition of walnuts also contains vitamins and mineral salts, making this product excellent dietary plant. In addition, walnuts have the highest quality protein. Due to data qualities, walnuts are an indispensable food on the menu of many vegetarian and yogi.

Walnuts are extremely widely used in alternative medicine. Their zest is used for strengthening of the human body, improving its energetic tone and bulkheads are good for preparation of medicinal tinctures and decoctions for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Useful qualities of walnuts have been mentioned eight thousand years ago. They are called English, Persian, etc.