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The company “Nut-Ex” is one of the largest suppliers of domestic wholesale walnuts and pumpkin seeds founded in 2001. The organization specializes in the production and wholesale of the pumpkin seeds and walnuts. “Nut-Ex” has its own technological base and cooperates with specialist suppliers, so we offer prices are the lowest in the region. The assortment of the company “Nut-Ex” consists of about a various positions. Audited suppliers, their own procurement and purchase points, long-term contracts guarantee the highest quality products, regular supply and attractive price. The company “Nut-Ex” puts quality raw materials on top in its work. All kinds of our products are thoroughly checked and tested in special high-tech laboratories, equipped with modern equipment for sorting, calibrating, processing, and pickling of the incoming nuts and pumpkin seeds. Innovative manufacturing system let to satisfy the major needs of wholesale customers, even when ordering large amounts. Highly skilled workers of warehouse locations guarantee speed, comfort, mobility, and reliability of service. Sophisticated logistics, well-developed ways of implementation and a well-organized system of customer service, allow the organization “Nut-Ex” run the sale over a hundred species of bulk walnuts and pumpkin seeds of the highest quality, fully consistent with European requirements. The company has fifteen years of experience in the field of sale, purchase and manufacture of nuts and for all this time has created several options for cooperation, thanks to which any customer will be most satisfied. Working with us offers the comfort and stability.

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