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Our suppliers our guarantees

Since walnuts for sale is our specialty
Walnuts – features, health benefits

The company “Nut-Ex” works directly with dozens of global organizations. Among our suppliers, the factories of the United States, Iran, Chile, Argentina, Philippines, Thailand, China, Vietnam, India, Tunisia, Australia, Turkey and other countries.

Sale walnut is our specialty, therefore the company’s policy differs most scrupulous approach to quality control. This is why our suppliers are carefully selected in the best places of growth of each individual culture.

The company “Nut-Ex” is one of the leading producers and distributors of walnuts. Undeniable advantages of cooperation with us have been recognized by many European and other companies that after a few successful transactions have moved into the ranks of our loyal customers.

We are absolutely assured of the highest quality walnuts that we offer. But if the customer for some reason did not like the products, we are ready to return money back — so confident in selling the nuts. We are not scammers and don’t want your family used base products. Small firms, large industrial corporations, and individual wholesale customers choose our products and join the ranks of partners and customers. To get the best nuts in the domestic market, you can place an order right now by phone or via the online form! We are always happy to make you and your family healthy with our 100% organic, delicious and quality products!