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1The company “Nut-Ex” is one of the largest suppliers of organic walnuts and hazelnuts, founded in 2001.

The organization specializes in the production and wholesale of the hazelnuts and walnuts. “Nut-Ex” has its own technological base and cooperates with specialist suppliers, so we offer it the prices are the lowest in the region.

The assortment of the company “Nut-Ex” consists of about a hundred positions. The nuts are imported from twenty nations of the world. Audited suppliers, their own procurement and purchase points, long-term contracts guarantee the highest quality products, regular supply and attractive price.

The company “Nut-Ex” puts quality raw materials on top in its work. All kinds of our products are thoroughly checked and tested in special high-tech laboratories, equipped with modern equipment for sorting, glazing, roasting, packing, processing, and pickling of the incoming nuts.

Innovative manufacturing system let to satisfy the major needs of wholesale customers, even when ordering large amounts.

Highly skilled workers of warehouse locations guarantee speed, comfort, mobility, and reliability of service. Sophisticated logistics, well-developed ways of implementation and a well-organized system of customer service, allow the organization “Nut-Ex” run the sale over a hundred species of walnuts and hazelnuts of the highest quality, fully consistent with European requirements.

The company has fifteen years of experience in the field of sale, purchase and manufacture of nuts and for all this time has created several options for cooperation, thanks to which any customer will be most satisfied. Working with us offers the comfort and stability.

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The positive impact of walnuts on human body:

  • This product is indispensable in the treatment and prevention of metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • In these nuts contain anti-inflammatory elements that have a positive effect on bone health, help with weight loss, preventing obesity.
  • Walnuts have strong positive effect on male potency.
  • In the rind of this product contains special group of antioxidants that lower the probability of hitting certain types of cancer.

Before eating these nuts, take into account, they are extremely nutritious. Therefore it is necessary to dose the quantity in the food.

Advantages of cooperation with the organization “Nut-Ex”The company “Nut-Ex” is specialized in the wholesale of walnut and hazelnutfifteen years. Our permanent clients are the firm’s confectionery, dairy and bakery enterprises, manufacturers of dietary products, etc.

Our suppliers our guarantees

The company “Nut-Ex” works directly with dozens of global organizations. Among our suppliers, the factories of the United States, Iran, Chile, Argentina, Philippines, Thailand, China, Vietnam, India, Tunisia, Australia, Turkey and other countries.

Sale walnut is our specialty, therefore the company’s policy differs most scrupulous approach to quality control. This is why our suppliers are carefully selected in the best places of growth of each individual culture.

The company “Nut-Ex” is one of the leading producers and distributors of walnuts. Undeniable advantages of cooperation with us have been recognized by many European and other companies that after a few successful transactions have moved into the ranks of our loyal customers.

We are absolutely assured of the highest quality walnuts that we offer. But if the customer for some reason did not like the products, we are ready to return money back — so confident in selling the nuts. We are not scammers and don’t want your family used base products. Small firms, large industrial corporations, and individual wholesale customers choose our products and join the ranks of partners and customers. To get the best nuts in the domestic market, you can place an order right now by phone or via the online form! We are always happy to make you and your family healthy with our 100% organic, delicious and quality products!

Walnuts – features, health benefits

  • Suppliers of raw materials are chosen the best in the world, where every single type of nuts is grown.
  • Required quality check is performed about a dozen inspections a year from the major partners.
  • Special attention is given to the selection of personnel, training, continuous professional development.
  • Availability of all necessary certificates, full compliance with all state regulations and standards.
  • Have a sound logistics system, through which the raw material arrives to our company as fresh, and promptly delivered to the clients.
  • The use of innovative equipment for sorting, glazing, salting, frying, cleaning and other procedures from the most reliable manufacturers.
  • The loyalty value

In order to ascertain the veracity of the above advantages, you can review feedbacksfrom our partners and customers.

The organization “Nut-Ex” has the following advantages:

Everyone heard about the amazing usefulness of this type of nuts. One only has to pay attention to the appearance of the core, as its absolute uniqueness is realized. Its shape resembles the human brain, therefore, people talk about it as about a good tool for activation of brain activity.

In the composition of walnuts also contains vitamins and mineral salts, making this product excellent dietary plant. In addition, walnuts have the highest quality protein. Due to data qualities, walnuts are an indispensable food on the menu of many vegetarian and  yogi.

Walnuts are extremely widely used in alternative medicine. Their zest is used for strengthening of the human body, improving its energetic tone and bulkheads are good for preparation of medicinal tinctures and decoctions for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Useful qualities of walnuts have been mentioned eight thousand years ago. They are called English, Persian, etc.