2 Nuts That Can Revolutionize Your Diet

2 Nuts That Can Revolutionize Your Diet Every year seems to bring new evidence that nuts are nature’s most versatile, nutritionally balanced health food. And yet, they continue to be cast aside by many as fatty junk food. We must be nuts as a society not to shout the virtues of shelled snacks from the treetops! The case for nuts […]

Consumption of walnuts in Turkey

Consumption of walnuts in Turkey As a predominately Muslim country, Turkish consumers rely heavily on halal products and cuisine. In fact, the Turkish “Halal Tourism” sector is growing quickly with an upwards of 150 Halal resorts in the country. By the way, turkish companies that purchase walnuts wholesale in our company – are very satisfied with the quality of the […]

Tasty and useful Walnuts Around the World

Tasty and useful Walnuts Around the World South Korea reported that 1 out of 3 households in Seoul is now a single-person household. That’s 12.3 million people, and a major change from traditional Korean family living. It’s driving major changes in eating habits too…leading to a growing Home Meal Replacement market, casual meals at cafes and even grocery stores, and […]

Walnut consumption may aid colon cancer survival

People with colon cancer already have Stage 3, who regularly eat walnuts, have a much lower risk of recurrence and cancer mortality than those who do not use this product, according to a new major study conducted by researchers at the Yale Cancer Center university. The results were published today in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The study followed 830 […]