Nut-Ex walnuts trends

Walnuts market at the end of the season 2018-2019

So, let’s summarize the information about walnuts market, season 2018-2019. This year, Ukraine is ranked 3rd in the amount of walnuts harvested after the United States and China. This was facilitated by the weather conditions and the increase of walnut business in the country. To evaluate exports, let’s refer to the monthly figures provided by the Export Council of Ukraine: […]
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Analyses of pumpkin seeds market

Pumpkin seeds market at the end of the season

    Continuing talking about changes in the pumpkin seed market, Nut Ex experts analyzed the export amounts of the first half of 2019. At the end of the season the market is showing a significant decline, so we will provide some data and take a look at the causes of the regression.    According to information given by our source […]
Аналіз ринку Nut-Ex

Pumpkin Seed Market Analyses By The Nut-Ex Company

To date, the Ukrainian market of pumpkin seeds, according to the analysis experts of the company Nut Ex has developed a rather unusual situation: firstly, demand for pumpkin seeds of shallow calibre (8 mm, 9-10 mm) has fallen. Particularly strongly it was affected by the decline in exported seeds to the Middle Eastern buyers, which were the main consumers of […]