The yield of walnuts will be doubled

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Due to Nut-Ex overview, the yield of walnuts will be doubled and is expected at 200 thousand tons in the next season.
“We have significant increase of industrial plants and favorable weather conditions this year. That’s why we expect the retrieval of walnuts production to the level of 2016. So, the yield of walnuts will be about 200 thousand tons”, – says Andrei Slepukhin, co-founder of Nut-Ex.

According to his words, harvesting will begin a month earlier, than the last year, and the yield capacity will be approximately the same in all regions of Ukraine:
“Our suppliers confirm, that the weather conditions were not very sever and any region was not affected by frosts and drought this year. So, we expect early and high-quality yield”, – Andrei says.

As for the export in 2018/2019 marketing year, it will start at the end of September and will be about 191 thousand tons, due to Slepukhin.
As mentioned earlier, Ukraine is in the top-5 of world producers and exporters of walnut. Central regions of Ukraine are the leaders of walnut production. These regions have the most favorable conditions to get high-quality yield. The main volume of production comes from small farmers.