Walnuts market at the end of the season 2018-2019

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So, let’s summarize the information about walnuts market, season 2018-2019. This year, Ukraine is ranked 3rd in the amount of walnuts harvested after the United States and China. This was facilitated by the weather conditions and the increase of walnut business in the country.

To evaluate exports, let’s refer to the monthly figures provided by the Export Council of Ukraine:

January – 7 144 437 kg
February – 7 762 252 kg
March – 7 420 016 kg
April – 5 490 027 kg
May – 3 344 997 kg
June – 1,798,702 kg

About 65% of whole amount was exported to the Middle East countries. Also, walnuts from Ukraine are quite popular in Europe. American countries have enought of products from the US and Chile, so their interest in our nuts is generally low. The main importers of walnuts from Ukraine this year are France, Turkey, Iraq and Azeburjan.

Approximate percentage of exported walnut in shell to walnut kernel: 38% / 62%.

The difference between February (the largest export month) and June (the lowest) is about 72%, which indicates that major importing countries provided the largest number of their seasonal needs in the first 3 months of 2019.

Speaking about the peculiarities of this year’s nut, it is worth noticing that the kernel was a little darker than usual, which caused a shortage of the Ukrainian “Extra-Light” kernel. At the same time, due to the high yield, the price of walnuts fell by a third compared to last year’s figures.