The yield of pumpkin seeds in Ukraine will grow by 30%

The yield of walnuts will be doubled
Let’s play with Nut-Ex

Due to Nut-Ex forecast, the yield of pumpkin seeds in 2018/2019 MY will be 30% more than the last year and is expected about 55 thousand tons.

“This year we have better weather conditions. Besides, areas under crops were increased because of last year deficit. Taking into account all these factors, we can freely speak about increase in pumpkin seeds production. Due to our overview, the yield will be about 55 thousand tons”, – says Andrei Slepukhin, co-founder of Nut-Ex.

According to his words, the last year wasn’t plenteous. That’s why the yield was about 40 thousand tons, 23 thousand tons of which were exported. The main supplies were held to Turkey, Israel and North Africa countries.

“We expect export in 30 thousand tons for the next season, which will start in two weeks. We have noticed an active demand from Turkey and Egypt during last season, as it couldn’t provide internal needs on their own. As well as, Kurban Bayram started on August 21, we expect that the activity of the Egyptian market will be kept on the beginning of 2018/2019 MY and it will keep prices for a new crop”, – Andrei says.

In addition, Nut-Ex exports to the EU and Israel, which have appreciated the quality of Ukrainian products.