Pumpkin seeds market at the end of the season

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Pumpkin Seed Market Analyses By The Nut-Ex Company
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Analyses of pumpkin seeds market

    Continuing talking about changes in the pumpkin seed market, Nut Ex experts analyzed the export amounts of the first half of 2019. At the end of the season the market is showing a significant decline, so we will provide some data and take a look at the causes of the regression.

   According to information given by our source in Export Council of Ukraine, quantity of pumpkin seeds sold abroad in the first half of current year amounted to 21870,1t in the following way:


 January – 4118.4 tons

 February – 5158,6 tons

 March – 4980.3 tons

 April – 3407,6 tons

 May – 2625.8 tons

 June – 1580,4 tons


   Traditionally, the largest exporters of Ukrainian pumpkin seeds were Middle East countries, however situation is different this season. The largest number of products came to Europe, partly to Africa and North America.

     Due to the near-zero activity of the Middle East countries, pumpkin seed exports have decreased by almost 70%, changing business processes and setting new rules for the game.