Pumpkin seed prices are falling

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Pumpkin Seed Market Analyses By The Nut-Ex Company

During last week, there was a decrease in prices for pumpkin seeds “Ukrainian Yellow” of 18-22%, depending on the region, size and caliber.

High yield is the main reason.

“As we predicted earlier, yield of this year is 25-30% higher than the previous season. Due to this, more Ukrainian producers go to the international market with their offers”, – says Andrei Slepukhin, co-founder of Nut-Ex.

Besides, according to Slepukhin, Turkey influences the situation, as it is one of the main importers of Ukrainian pumpkin seeds, which buys 30% of all yield each year.

“Turkey does not start import, as it has picked up their own crop already. By the way, some economic crisis can be seen in this country and the market reflects it. So, we expect prices for the new yield of Ukrainian pumpkin seeds to adjust to the Turkish market”, – Andrei sums up.

Due to Nut-Ex forecast, after a rapid fall the price range for pumpkin seeds will be relatively stable for 2-3 weeks. After it, some growth is possible because of weather conditions.

As mentioned earlier, the yield of pumpkin seeds in 2018/2019 MY will be 30% more than the last year and is expected about 55 thousand tons, 30 thousand of which will be exported.