Pumpkin Seed Market Analyses By The Nut-Ex Company

Pumpkin seed prices are falling
Analyses of pumpkin seeds market
Pumpkin seeds market at the end of the season
Аналіз ринку Nut-Ex

To date, the Ukrainian market of pumpkin seeds, according to the analysis experts of the company Nut Ex has developed a rather unusual situation: firstly, demand for pumpkin seeds of shallow calibre (8 mm, 9-10 mm) has fallen. Particularly strongly it was affected by the decline in exported seeds to the Middle Eastern buyers, which were the main consumers of this product for a long time.
Secondly, because of this, the price of pumpkin seeds of the “Ukrainian yellow” variety of large calibres (12mm +) increases. Ukrainian suppliers are facing complexity in exporting large-scale calibres in Europe.
According to our supervisions, prices for pumpkin seeds increase for large calibre, but it is very difficult to find it from suppliers. Instead, the quantity of small-scale calibre seeds in the warehouses of farmers and processors remains significant. You can also buy a calibre of 8 mm, 9 mm and 10 mm. In addition, some suppliers are dumping prices to withdraw as quickly as possible from the balances.