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General information

Nut-Ex has been operating in the market since 2001. Starting as a regional trading company, the company was able to expand into one of the largest producers and exporters of pumpkin seeds and walnut kernels in Ukraine. During this period a base of reliable suppliers of quality raw materials was developed, as well as partnership with a number of companies in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Today Nut-Ex has 2 production facilities in the city of Uman. To ensure the highest quality of the product, experienced specialists and the latest equipment are involved in the production process. Before reaching the customer, the product goes through certain stages: quality control of raw materials, cleaning, selection by laser sorting machine, calibration on special equipment and industrial X-Ray. Also during each of the stages there is an intermediate quality control. This allows the products to be 100% compliant with specifications.

For comfortable cooperation, we have sales and purchasing departments. Managers with many years of experience will always help with product selection, documentation and logistics. With experience both in Ukraine and abroad, we have the ability to do all necessary documents and delivery for our clients, which greatly simplifies the purchasing process.

Now Nut-Ex continues to expand, looking for new markets and ways to communicate with their members. We have started a blog where you can find interesting information about the market for pumpkin seeds and walnuts in Ukraine, as well as to find out about special offers of the company. In addition, we participate in exhibitions around the world, both as a participant and as a visitor. We look forward to meeting you at one of them!

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